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dc.creatorLenhardt, Mirjana
dc.creatorVišnjić Jeftić, Željka
dc.creatorNavodaru, Ion
dc.creatorJarić, Ivan
dc.creatorVassilev, Milen
dc.creatorGačić, Zoran
dc.creatorNikčević, Miroslav
dc.description.abstractThe Danube River is 2,857 km long and navigable along the major part of its flow (2,411 km). Human activities have started to influence Danube River flow more significantly since the sixteenth century, through the flood prevention, navigation and hydropower plant construction activities. Two largest dams in the Danube, located at 943 river km ("Iron Gate I", constructed in 1970) and 863 river km ("Iron Gate II", constructed in 1984), have formed a large accumulation lake. These dams represent obstacles for migratory fish species, such as sturgeons and shads. Beside the negative impact of dams and the river flow regulation, common stocks of these species in the Lower Danube Region (LDR) are also impacted by unsustainable and illegal fishery and pollution. Major obstacle to an efficient common management of these fish stocks by LDR countries is a lack of management harmonization and coordination, as well as lack of common management plans that would be based on coordinated monitoring and research efforts in all LDR countries. Guiding principles for a good management plan for sturgeons and shads in the LDR should include efficient public and stakeholder participation, and a long-term vision that would be harmonized with the short-term social, cultural and economic needs. Availability of timely scientific information, provided through the broad and long-term monitoring and research activities, could determine the state of sturgeon and shad stocks and the efficiency of their current management.en
dc.publisherSpringer, Dordrecht
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/173045/RS//
dc.sourceEnvironmental Security in Watersheds: the Sea of Azov
dc.subjectDanube Riveren
dc.subjectAnadromous fishen
dc.titleFish Stock Management Cooperation in the Lower Danube Region: A Case Study of Sturgeons and Pontic Shaden
dc.citation.other: 127-+

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