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dc.creatorVujancevic, Jelena
dc.creatorBjelajac, Andjelika
dc.creatorPopovic, Maja
dc.creatorDjokic, Veljko
dc.creatorĆirković, Jovana
dc.creatorPetrovic, Rada
dc.creatorRakocevic, Zlatko
dc.creatorJanackovic, Djordje
dc.creatorPavlović, Vladimir
dc.description.abstractTiO2 is a promising photoactive material but just in the UV region. One of many approaches that are proposed in order to achieve the TiO2 activity in the visible region is doping of TiO2 with nonmetals, such as F, C, S, N. Among them, nitrogen atom has similar atomic size as oxygen atom and small ionization energy. Because of that there are many publications with nitrogen doping, but many questions are still open. The aim of this study is XPS investigation of nature of N-doping TiO2 nanotubes. Highly ordered nanotubes were prepared by anodization of titanium foil in HF/CH3COOH electrolyte. As-anodized amorphous nanotubes were annealed in NH3 atmosphere, where time of heat treatments was varied. Optical responses of undoped and N-doped TiO2 films were investigated by UV-Vis DRS. The XPS results revealed three N1s peaks: ~ 396, ~ 399 and ~ 401 eV, that describe substitutional and interstitial nature of nitrogen in TiO2 films. Longer time of annealing decreases total amount of nitrogen and that is in correlation with optical
dc.publisherInstitute of Technical Sciences of SASAsr
dc.sourceProgram and the Book of Abstracts/Fifteenth young researchers conference-materials science and engineeringsr
dc.subjectDoped TiO2sr
dc.subjectXPS analysissr
dc.subjectoptical propertiessr
dc.titleXPS analysis of N-doped TiO2 nanotube arraysr

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