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dc.creatorMartinović, Rajko
dc.creatorPetović, S.
dc.creatorJoksimović, D.
dc.creatorBunet, R.
dc.creatorCouvray, S.
dc.creatorKirchhofer, D.
dc.creatorSimide, R.
dc.creatorGarcia-March, J.R.
dc.creatorTena-Medialdea, J.
dc.creatorCastelli, A.
dc.creatorGačić, Zoran
dc.creatorBonnefont, J.-L.
dc.creatorVicente, N.
dc.description.abstractIn this study, the comparative results of the fan mussel Pinna nobilis larvae collection during 3 years (2016–2019) on the sites of the Montenegrin Adriatic coast and the Western Mediterranean, France are presented. In both countries, growth studies of collected fan mussel juveniles were carried out as well. After 1 year growth measurement of P. nobilis recruits in their natural habitat on the site Dobrota, Montenegro, mean shell length was 198.58 ± 17.77 mm for the recruits from Sv. Nedjelja and 206.73 ± 16.40 mm for the recruits collected from Ljuta. The growth study carried out in a laboratory tank in France indicated that the mean shell length of P. nobilis recruits after a 9 month period was 100.50 ± 7.59 mm for the recruits from Bomasse, 96.33 ± 11.06 mm from Basse Renette 1, and 95.75 ± 8.45 mm for recruits from Basse Renette 2, respectively. In spite of much larger mean shell lengths obtained in Montenegro, mean monthly growth rate of P. nobilis recruits bred in France was higher due to more stable conditions and access to food within the tank in contrast to variations of environmental parameters in their natural habitat. We have presented first data on P. nobilis recruitment and growth in Montenegro and showed higher growth rate in comparison with the other sites in the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean. It was shown that the temperature is of high importance for the growth rate of P. nobilis juveniles in their natural habitat due to lower growth during winter. Anthropogenic pressure was the main obstacle for development of P. nobilis populations during the study period, while biological pollution as the main threat for P. nobilis survival will be the subject of further studies in the Montenegrin Adriatic coast.en
dc.publisherSpringer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
dc.sourceHandbook of Environmental Chemistry
dc.subjectPinna nobilisen
dc.subjectAdriatic coasten
dc.titleRecruitment and Growth of the Fan Mussel Pinna nobilis in the Montenegrin Adriatic Coast and Comparison with the Western Mediterraneanen
dc.citation.other109: 193-213

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